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光量子,量子規範場與基督化生活 (v3) <a href=""></a>

中橙縣牧者同工聯禱會 專題分享 (續一)

聖經 創世紀 第一章:1,2,3節 Genesis 1:1-3

光量子電腦 Optical/Photonic Quantum Computers(OQCs):
Basics, Advances & Trends (v7)

黃弟兄 2022/9/8

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目錄 Agenda

P.3 - Light Quantum (Photon) | 黃光旭 (KS John Huang)

P.4 - Methodology: the way of light

  • What’s light quantum (photon)?
    Why Optical/Photonic QC (OQC)?
    [All computation models and their underlying physics and phenomena, from the Universe to CPUs/DNA/daily clerking etc., coold be equivalent (with the same equivalent fundamental principle with different limited cases)]

P.25 - Basics (Phase I): 1980’s to now

  • OQC technologies based more on 1st Quantization (Interferences)
    (Variational V-OQC architecture design concept throughout my career)

P.43 - Advances (Phase II): 2000’s to now

  • OQC technologies based more on 2nd Quantization (operators with qubits)

P.76 - Trends

聖經 創世紀 第一章:1,2,3節 Genesis 1:1-3